Hand Well Pumps and Composting Toilets for emergency and permanent use.

Being Water specializes in the production and sale of Hand Well Pumps and Composting Toilets.

What do hand well pumps and composting toilets have in common? These are the most essential pieces of equipment to have when there is no available power.

Using a Handy Well Pump can be critical to survival in a long term outage.

If you are without the availability of fresh water then things will get difficult very quickly. Water can be efficiently stored in containers for future use but having the availability to pump unlimited amounts of fresh water indefinitely is priceless.

Having a safe sanitary way to deal with human waste is as important as having an abundant supply of fresh water.

The Nature's Head self contained composting toilet fills that need without having to rely on septic systems that many times require a water supply and electrical power or city sewer systems that can be compromised during long term outages. The Nature's Head Composting Toilet is portable, easy to operate and easy to empty into a composting area.
So, hand well pumps and composting toilets have a lot in common.

The Handy Well Pump is manufactured here in Fort Bragg California.  We have produced and shipped thousands of quality hand water pumps throughout North America to many satisfied customers from our small efficient solar powered shop facility.  Over recent years the pump building process has evolved from simple yet functional emergency pumps to a quality lifetime pump that is able to pump water from depths of well over 200 feet deep. Click on the Handy Well Pump image or the link to be taken to our dedicated HandyWellPump.com website. Discover how simple it is to prepare for your family's water needs when the power is out.  Learn how to supply water to your remote cabin without electricity. We are always available to answer your questions and to help put together a list of components. Contact Us.

Nature's Head Composting Toilets: Since 2012 we have been a California distributor of Nature's Head Composting Toilets. In that time we have developed a reputation of being a knowledgeable vendor and user of this American made product. We aren't just some Internet drop ship vendor that is eager to take your money and then disappear. We actually use what we sell and are very savvy on the ins and outs of the Nature's Head product line. We are familiar with composting on our own small farm and can give valuable assistance to anyone considering the purchase of this toilet. We have the complete line of Nature's Head products for sale on this website. Please take the time to investigate. If you have questions we are available by phone or email. here. Contact Us.

Handy Well Pumps

Handy Well Pump brand Hand Well Pumps and composting toiletsAt Being Water LLC we produce Hand Well Pumps for emergency and long term permanent operation at very affordable prices. The quality of our pumps is of primary concern. Once you install a Handy Well Pump you will wonder why you waited so long to put one in your well, cistern, basement or beside your kitchen sink. Our hand water pumps can be installed alongside electric pumps in most wells down to 4" in diameter. And singly in wells down to 2" in diameter. The Handy Well Pump can be adapted for windmill and solar operation.  READ MORE...

Natures Head Composting Toilets.

Hand well pumps and Composting Toilets from Nature's Head Natures Head is the perfect waterless toilet solution whether you are using it on a boat or RV.  It is also well suited  to a summer cabin or remote homestead. Nature's Head is the most economical self contained composting toilet on the market. It's simple to use and simple to maintain. Plus, it can save up to 30,000 gallons of fresh water a year in full time use. READ MORE...