Since we started manufacturing Hand Well Pumps in 2011, The Handy Well Pump has been installed in thousands of wells across The United States and Canada. It has made life easier for many families when there has been prolonged hand well pumps from Handy Well Pumppower outages and it has served well in areas where there is no available electrical power. We have improved and upgraded our models over the last few years. We are now on par with domestically produced pumps such as Simple Pump and Bison Pump. The only differences are that The Handy Well Pump costs about half as much and will produce more water per stroke. We are continually looking at ways to make the Handy Well Pump even better. It has evolved from a simple emergency pump when we first started, to a generational quality pump that will continue to operate for as long as you or whomever you pass it on to needs it.
What to consider when thinking about a hand well pump purchase? There are some basic questions to be answered  that we offer assistance with.  First is; will it fit in your well casing? Our hand well pumps will operate in well casings as small as 2" in diameter. They will work alongside an existing electric pump in casings as small as 4" in diameter. Our hand well pumps will work in most well casings that have a pitless adapter and they are well suited to freezing climate conditions.
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